Colorado Springs European Auto Service

Colorado-Springs-European-Auto-ServiceTaking your car in for service at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair means that your car is in good hands and will fixed right the first time. At Joe’s Car and Truck Repair, we offer residents in Colorado Springs, European Auto Service. Along with providing competitive  prices, services, and friendly costumer service to clients, we also strive for 100% satisfaction.  All too often people put off the mechanical work on their automobiles, which only leads to bigger problems down the road, not to mention larger bills as well. We provide honest, reliable service so that you no longer have to worry about getting your car serviced.

When car repairs cost less, you are better able to afford them, in turn saving yourself the panic of a broken down car or the high costs associated with poor maintenance. Trusted to operate on all makes and models, we also specialize in European automobiles. A large reason some people avoid purchasing luxury European vehicles is because of the notoriously high cost to maintain and fix them, when taking your BMW, Audi, or Mercedes to the dealership for regular auto mechanic work this is surely true. Although, at Joe’s we do things differently, we offer the same level of service and expertise but we do so at a fraction of the cost. You will be able to enjoy your car even more without the pain of overpaying for service.

In order to keep our prices low and our customers happy, we offer a number of great specials that feature unbeatable value. Lube and oil filter inspections, interior deodorizes, a complete transmission flush, we offer deals on the most common services so that everyone has a chance to take advantage of the savings.

Operating as a tight-knit community, we work closely with our customers to provide excellent service at a price people are pleasantly surprised to hear. Just as the businesses of the old days operated, Joe’s Car and Truck Repair is all about putting the customer first. We don’t just fix your car and send you a bill; we happily keep you up to speed on all that’s going on with your car, truck, van, or SUV. Joe’s Car and Truck Repair is Colorado Springs European Auto Serviceone-stop shop for the best deals in town. Contact us at 719-594-4600 or by clicking here.




Why Cheap Brake Jobs are Cheap

When shopping for value on your automotive service needs, cost is always a consideration.  Servicing our customers at (Joe’s Car and Truck Repair/McCloskey Imports and 4X4’s) with quality service and value priced services has been a key element of our business model for years. I recently saw a competitors coupon special offering a “cheap” brake service.  Cheap can sound good, but when it comes to brakes, brake service or braking diagnosis, cheap isn’t always the way to go.

In the competitive market of automotive services, they are very few ways to get your “cheap” brake service prices low enough to look like a great bargain.  Here are the two most common ways that is accomplished:

  1. Have the repairs performed done by inexperienced or un-certified technicians.
  2. Utilize parts that are of an inferior grade material or overall poor quality.

At (Joe’s Car and Truck Repair/McCloskey Imports and 4X4’s) we regard the quality of our work and the customer’s satisfaction our two highest priorities.  Compromising the safety of our customers vehicle is not an option in any repair we perform.  Here is how we are different.  Thinking of the brake scenario listed above, we will:

  •  Perform a Free Brake Diagnosis and Inspection (combined with our FREE 24 Point Inspection of your vehicle)
  • Provide an exact estimate for needed repairs before any work is performed
  • Use quality parts with a 12 month or 12,000 miles parts and labor warranty (good on all repairs we perform)
  • Have the diagnosis, inspection and repairs performed by our ASE certified and fully trained technicians.

Remember that our service facility offers same-day service, shuttle service, free towing to our facility for repairs and an experienced automotive service staff.  Let us know what we can do to assist you in all your automotive service needs.

As they say, “Quality work isn’t expensive, it is priceless.”