Acura Auto Repair & Service

Acura drivers take pride in their vehicles. Knowing they own one of the top ranked automobiles in the world, Acura owners don’t let just anyone repair or maintain their cars. Joes Acura Repair & Service has a reputation that establishes them as one of the premiere auto repair companies in the state. They focus on the unique specifications that many foreign cars have in common.

The mechanics and service technicians employed at Joes Acura Repair & Service in Colorado Springs, CO are certified and maintain a high standard of quality that gives their shop a reputation for excellence. Acura vehicles are top of the line machines that have garnered several Car and Driver awards over the years. In 2007, the Acura MDX walked away with Car of the Year Award based on its performance in several categories and road tests established by Car and Driver Magazine. The Acura line provides power, quick response times and a level of comfort that makes it one of the most popular cars in America. It’s quiet ride and superb handling are two of the features that make this line stand out from its competition.
With high fuel mileage, lean turning radius and exceptional handling scores in almost every situation, the Acura brand carries with it a dedication to quality that is unrivaled by its competitors. For those who service these cars, they understand the need for perfection that is desired by the cars owners. Acura vehicles are designed with the strictest precision in both manufacturing and performance. Cutting edge technology is used to create the blueprints that give Acura its beginnings.

Precision workmanship and the use of computerized technology gives Acura an edge on its competition. When comparing the technologies needed to keep an Acura running efficiently against those that are used to maintain other vehicles, one must remember that state of the art automobiles need special care. The service technicians at Joes Colorado Springs Acura Repair and Service are highly trained with state of the art equipment and technology. Their certification is a testament to the level of quality they feel is necessary in maintaining the Acura line of automobiles.