Maintaining Your Car through Regular Auto Service

Denver happens to be a city that lacks sufficient mass transit options for commuters. As a result, most people are forced to rely on their cars more for the day-to-day activities and errands. Notwithstanding whether your car is driven within the city or on the outskirts where there are dusty and rough roads, it is imperative that you keep your car in tip-top condition through regular auto service to ensure reliability.

Besides preventing endless heartaches and frustrations, regular auto repair is intended to ensure your safety while on the road. We have provided below a three easy maintenance services which we cannot stress the importance enough to our customers, in order to ensure that your car is running smoothly and efficiently as mechanically possible for years to come:

An oil change is perhaps the most important auto service that you should never forget. Routine oil changes need to be completed after every 3,000 miles.  If your vehicle only takes synthetic oil, an oil change service should be completed every 6,000 miles.  Without proper oil checks and oil changes, your vehicle engine will severely be compromised and potentially can seize.  If you are not sure what type of engine oil your vehicle takes, refer to your car instruction manual or consult the experts at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair.

Like engine oil, spark plugs also need to be checked and replaced on an ongoing basis. Auto repair experts recommend changing your spark plugs after every 30,000 miles.  It is important to have your spark plugs checked to determine if any are damaged or need to be replaced prior to the 30,000 mile mark.

Other important auto maintenance and servicing tasks that need to be completed include your transmission fluid and filter.  Transmission fluid should be inspected by a professional every six months to ensure that the level is acceptable.  Low fluid levels can lead to much more damaging and long term issues with your vehicle, and unnecessary money spent on future repairs.

Regular auto service is important to the longevity of your vehicle. For all your Denver auto service needs, please contact Joe’s Car and Truck Repair at (719) 434-4084.