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Where to find Top Notch Chrysler Service & Repair in Colorado Springs? Walter Chrysler bought the Maxwell Motor Corporation and transformed it into the Chrysler Corporation in 1925. Walter Chrysler used his new company to develop his engineering concepts. Three years later, he bought the Dodge brand and founded the Plymouth and DeSoto lines.

The Chrysler Corporation introduced the Airflow model in the 30s. This innovative automobile came with a inline eight engine and an aerodynamically designed frame. While the vehicle was a revolutionary design, it was not successful with consumers. It was the affordable Plymouth and Dodge lines that enabled the company to maintain financial stability during the depression.

Chrysler continued its success through the 40s and 50s. In 1951 the company unveiled its hemi V8 engine which provided much more power than the V8 that was used in the previous vehicles. The elegant 300C and the Town and Country were also manufactured at that same time.

The DeSoto brand was dropped early in the 60s and the unibody frame was created. Alternators were also used in place of generators. By the end of the decade Chrysler was manufacturing high performance automobiles.

The oil crisis in the 70s along with an expansion overseas caused a major financial upheaval in the company. The next decade changed all of that when the K car and the minivan were brought to the public. Sales rose and the Chrysler Company went on to buy the American Motors Corporation and partner with Mitsubishi.

In the 1990s Chrysler created a partnership with Daimler-Benz. The two companies became the DaimlerChrysler Corporation. During the partnership Chrysler began manufacturing the popular 300 sedan. By the end of the decade the merger was dissolved and a private firm bought the Chrysler brand.

The present Chrysler lineup includes a several automobile choices from its Town and Country minivan to its 200 convertible. The Town and Country offers a powerful engine, a well designed interior and versatile seating. Both the 200 sedans and convertible provide a capable handling, a V6 engine and lots of convenience and technology features.

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