GMC Auto Repair & Service

GMC produces cars, trucks vans and SUVs.  GMC was founded in 1902 by Max Grabowski, it was originally named the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and produced trucks. The company was later sold in 1909 to General Motors. As a division of General Motors, GMC became known for its utilitarian vehicles and other truck models like the T16 and the T20.

By using a six cylinder engine in its designs, GMC was able to raise its sales records in the 1920s. In the 30s, it introduced the innovative, Suburban, a truck inspired wagon. During WWII, GMC went on to expand its line when it acquired the Yellow Truck & Coach brand which led to the introduction of the Jimmy and the DUKW.

After the war, GMC redesigned its trucks to develop a stylish vehicle aimed at the consumer market.  Sales continue to rise through the 50s and 60s mainly due to the development of its motor home and camper recreational vehicles.

In 1970 GMC revised the Jimmy and offered it as the first SUV. In the 90s the Syclone and Typhoon appeared as the fastest vehicles manufactured by GMC. The Syclone pickup truck was equipped with a turbocharged V6 engine and an all wheel drive system. The Typhoon SUV was manufactured with similar performance capabilities.

Over the past decade, the trucks manufactured by GMC have been designed much like the vehicles available through the Chevrolet brand. The brands differ in the features offered. GMC trucks have been made with premium features to meet the upscale market.

The vehicles manufactured by GMC today provide power, luxury and convenience. The most recent available models include the Terrain, the Canyon, the Acadia, the Sierra, and the Yukon. The Terrain SUV provides a polished riding experience, a well designed cabin, an abundance of safety features, and impressive fuel efficiency. The Canyon light duty pickup offers affordability, off road capabilities and several engine options. The Acadia SUV has seating for eight, an expansive cargo area, and a comfortable ride. The Sierra pickup is available with a strong V8 engine and comfortable seating. The Yukon SUV has seating for nine, a comfortable interior and powerful hauling and towing capabilities.

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