Your Electrical/Charging System

The Charging system on your vehicle has two primary components that get you started and provide critical charging capacities to the many computers, lights, radio and features of your vehicle.  The two most common parts to fail in a charging system is the battery and the alternator (pictured below).

Batteries and alternators don’t often give signs of failure unless you know what to look for.  Slow cranking when starting your vehicle, dim or weak headlights or dash panel lights can be early indicators of a potential charging system malfunction.

A failed charging system can lead to roadside breakdown.

Here at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair we suggest getting the charging system performance checked on every lube, oil and filter visit.  While some auto repair facilities charge up to $45.00 for an inspection of these components, we include this inspection with our 24-point vehicle analysis available to you at no charge!

As the saying goes, inspect what you expect! Here at Joe’s Car andTruck Repair, we want your vehicle to serve your automotive needs, hassle free!

And yet another great way to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance is to join our FREE online garage.