Used Car Inspection

So it’s time to pony up and add a vehicle to your family’s garage.  For many of our customers, used vehicles are the way to go.

Used-Car-buyingAs a reminder, some new car franchises (Suzuki comes to mind) offer new vehicles at prices extremely competitive with the used vehicle market.  New vehicle manufacturers might have rebates and incentives that can bring a new vehicle into your budget at little or no additional increase. With a new vehicle, you bypass any and all concerns about vehicle condition because you know the condition–NEW! And companies like Suzuki offer one of the best manufacturer warranties on the market.

That being said, the primary concern most people have when considering a used car or truck is about the overall condition and dependability of the vehicle they are considering purchasing.  Some of these concerns can be addressed by buying from a licensed dealer rather than private party purchase.  An individual selling a used vehicle does not have a business reputation to protect, while a licensed dealer will be willing, for the most part, to stand behind the vehicle you purchased and offer some kind of participation should the need arise. Licensed dealers can also offer mechanical protection through a service contract, available to you at additional cost.  A licensed dealer can also provide you with a FREE independent vehicle history report from a company such as Carfax or AutoCheck, as well as a point-by-point vehicle certification and/or inspection.

Knowing as much as much as possible about your vehicle’s history and current condition, before you buy, will not only save you from expensive repairs and the headache of frequent breakdowns, but can also make a difference in the financing you receive. Finance companies now regularly require and review Carfax and AutoCheck vehicle history reports, and are often unwilling to finance vehicles with a blemished history such as major accidents, salvaged title, odometer conflicts, etc.  Even if they are willing to finance such a vehicle, most often it is at a grossly inflated interest rate.  Plus, these problems will almost certainly cause issues when you go to re-sell the car–even if it has proven to be a reliable vehicle for you, while you’ve owned it.  Your buyer isn’t going to take your word for it; chances are they will perform their own research on the vehicle before buying from you.

As you can see, your concern is the overall performance, reliability, and history of the vehicle you are purchasing.  Here at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair, we are committed to assisting you in finding a safe and reliable vehicle, either through our pre-purchase inspection or our vehicle location service.

Car-InspectionIf you have found that special vehicle and are considering purchasing, ask to have a 3rd party inspection performed by Joe’s Car and Truck Repair in Colorado Springs.  We will get you in right away, perform a comprehensive mechanical and visual safety operation inspection, and provide you with the list of needed repairs or maintenance items in a timely fashion. For only $49.95 we can provide both of those prior services and for only $98.00 we will also perform our advanced computer diagnostics and code reading. Joe’s Car and Truck Repair believes that once you have tried us for this used car inspection, you will return every time to us for further service.  Fill out our form or call us at 1-877-365-0308 to make an inspection appointment.

We do this to:

  1. Give you peace of mind that you’ve made a solid choice.
  2. Help protect you from costly hidden repair surprises.
  3. Help give you the tools to give you the best positioning from a financial standpoint, in the initial purchase, the financing, and the re-sale of the vehicle.
  4. To earn your trust, and continuing business.  After all, if we help you do the initial research on a vehicle, we are going to know its history and condition as well.

These factors are not just about the price of the vehicle. Your current income, credit situation and down payment all contribute to the overall transaction.  There are dealers that specialize in certain segments of credit challenges that can help you walk through the purchase experience and even assist you in the effort of re-establishing your credit.

If you are still trying to find a specific year, make, or model of vehicle, call us.  Joe’s Car and Truck Repair has forged many online and onsite relationships in the automotive community.  We can find parts for your vehicle, so we know we can find vehicles too!  Give us a call at 1-877-365-0308 before you start your search and let us take the legwork on for you. Just remember, after you purchase your vehicle, come back and do service with us.  Sign up for our free Online Garage to help keep your maintenance schedule on track as well as send to you special offers on maintenance and repairs.  After all, we did help you find it!