Your Water Pump

An overheating car, truck, van, or SUV is never fun and can lead to roadside breakdowns and further costly engine damage. One of the main reasons for overheating is a bad water pump. Water pumps are responsible for circulating coolant throughout your vehicle’s engine. If your water pump isn’t functioning correctly, the engine coolant just sits in the block and heads, without getting delivered to the radiator to exchange its heat. No cooling from the radiator equals overheating, and overheating leads to warped heads, blown head gaskets, and lots of wear and tear on your vehicle. In many cases, the damage can occur without much notice or visible signs.

We recommend a visual inspection of your cooling system (including the water pump) on every scheduled lube, oil and filter. Also, every 30,000 miles, we recommend a cooling system pressure test and every 60,000 miles, a block test to inspect for any potential concerns with head gaskets.

Here at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair, we offer these inspections at no charge during any scheduled maintenance visit.

The water pump on some vehicles is buried beneath the timing cover: The water pump location on a common Honda is a perfect example. This means that there could be other items you may want to address when replacing a water pump (timing belt, seals, pulleys, etc?). In most cases, there is no additional labor charge, just the cost of the part.

If you are between oil changes but want to get your water pump checked out in Colorado Springs anyway, fill out our form or call us at 1-877-365-0308. Some auto repair facilities charge up to $45.00 for an inspection of these components, we offer this inspection with our 24-point vehicle analysis available to you at no charge.

Another great way to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance is to join our FREE online garage.

As the saying goes, inspect what you expect! At Joe’s Car and Truck Repair, we want your vehicle to serve your automotive needs, hassle free!