Oil Change in Colorado Springs

Do you need an Oil Change in Colorado Springs? Check out our Oil & Filter special. Come and see our expert technicians at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair for the best service and results in the Colorado Springs areas. We offer top quality products and dependable solutions to any of your automotive problems and concerns.

The oil in your vehicle has many important jobs including keeping your engine clean and lubricated, reducing friction and cooling engine components, and removing dirt. All of these jobs tend to contaminate your oil over time. Contaminated oil will reduce in viscosity and become incapable of performing its vital jobs. It’s important to have the oil in your vehicle changed on a regular basis to maintain its quality and keep it working properly.

Regular oil changes will maximize the fuel efficiency and life of your vehicle. While some oil products offer an extended amount of protection, we recommend that you bring your vehicle in to us every three months or five thousand miles. If you find yourself doing a lot of stop and go driving, come in and see us more regularly. This type of driving can effect the quality of your oil much sooner.

Most vehicles are designed to use a multi grade oil. This type of oil works well in both hot and cold temperatures. All oil products are classified by the amount of viscosity they provide. The amount of viscosity in multi grade oils is indicated by the first number on the product. Low numbered oils are lighter and perform better in low temperatures. Viscosity is an important factor in oil because it how effects how quickly the fluid will reach the parts it needs to protect.

Our quality oil change service includes a comprehensive inspection of your safety systems, removing and replacing your existing oil, lubricating the undercarriage fittings, and if necessary, replacing your oil filter.

The trained service professionals at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair will be happy to talk to you about your oil needs and recommend the best products. We know that you have an individual driving style and will dour our utmost to provide you with the best service around at the most affordable price.

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