Radiator Services

There are many moving parts that make up your vehicle’s engine. The movement of all of these parts creates friction which in turn produces heat. Your oil lubricates the parts and reduces some of the friction but there is still some excess heat. This is where your radiator plays an important role.

Your radiator pumps a blend of water and antifreeze through the engine chambers to absorb the extra heat that is produced. The fluid becomes heated as it passes through these parts and then returns to through a hose to the radiator. The fluid is then cooled through the radiator and the process starts again.
If your radiator is not working properly and there is any type of blockage or leak in the system, the coolant will not flow properly. This reduction in flow can lead to an overheated engine. An overheated engine can quickly malfunction resulting in the need for a huge repair job.

It is extremely important to keep your coolant reservoir full particularly on long drives or in warm weather. If you find that your coolant level becomes low quickly, you may have a leak. Come in to see us at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair so that we can take a look at your system. We want you and your passengers to be safe.

Our expert radiator services include testing the pressure cap, making sure that your system is operating at the correct level of pressure, checking that your thermostat is performing properly, inspecting for leaks, performing a leak test, inspecting the belts and hoses of your cooling system, power flushing your system and refilling your coolant, and testing your engine fan.

You can trust the trained technicians at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair to provide you with expert service and top quality products. Contact us today and we’ll inspect your radiator system for you. We’ll inspect your vehicle and diagnose any coolant problems you might have. We’ll recommend the best solutions and make any necessary repairs to have your vehicle working to its maximum potential. Call or email us to make an appointment today to schedule your Radiator Service.