Why is your muffler getting louder?

Muffler Repair in Englewood Noisy mufflers may work well for race cars, but they are an annoyance when you are traveling down quiet suburban streets. A sudden increase in the amount of noise coming from underneath your car should trigger an immediate visit for exhaust repair in Englewood. Allowing your vehicle to rattle and roar down the road for hundreds of miles while fumes leak out could leave you in hot water later.

The natural aging process does a number on the muffler and other exhaust pipes. Since they are exposed regularly to chemicals and salt from the roadways, these metal parts tend to corrode and rust after quite a few years of driving. Cleaning and coating the undercarriage greatly slows down the effects of rust. When pinholes first break through the solid sides of the muffler, the sounds will only increase from there as the metal flakes away.

You may also notice a sudden change in exhaust noise after you run over a speed bump too quickly or exit a steep driveway. If the muffler or exhaust pipes are knocked loose, they create a loud clanging or vibrating noise as they come in contact with other parts.

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