Your Timing Belt

Are you looking for a Colorado Springs Timing Belt Replacement? Look no further, we are you Timing Belt experts.  Regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, we have the tools, training and experience necessary to make sure your timing belt is replaced properly.   The Timing Belt is the sole component that drives the camshaft and the crankshaft together “in time”. Vehicles today are equipped with either timing belts or timing chains. Timing belts are replaced more often than timing chains, however, timing chain motors experience noisy guides and pulleys that need replacing.


With a very few exceptions, timing belt replacement is not an easy task. Most timing belts (the one in the above picture for example) are hidden away behind various types of engine covers. There are also several other components, such as pulleys, bearings, and water pump that could need replacing once the timing belt is exposed.

There are very few signs of a timing belt going bad and not many ways to inspect a timing belt to check wear. That is the main reason most auto manufacturers have a certain mileage parameter for replacement. Timing belt failure can often lead to roadside break down and potential serious engine damage. This is caused by the timing belt breaking and no longer holding the motor in “time” which can allow the collision of pistons and valves.

Here at Joe’s Car and Truck Repair in Colorado Springs, we specialize in timing belt replacements. We offer same day service and reasonable prices. If you don’t know the manufacturer’s suggested mileage replacement for your vehicle’s timing belt, just give us a call at 1-800-365-0808. We will find out for you.

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