Land Rover Auto Repair & Service

Founded in England, the Land Rover company is a producer of premium SUVs. Its vehicles offer luxurious leather lined cabins within high performance off road vehicles. The Land Rover brand is presently owned by the Tata Motors Corporation.

The Series I was the first Rover model produced. It came with a canvas top and a four wheel drive system. The doors on the Series I were also optional. Its design was influenced by the versatility of the formidable Jeep used by the American Army.

The Land Rover brand develop a more polished and powerful reputation in the 1950s. The Series II was introduced late in the decade and provided a more refined exterior design as well as more horsepower. A diesel run Rover was also manufactured at the same time. In the 60s the Series IIA came out. At the end of 60s Leyland Motors Limited bought the Land Rover brand.

The stylish Range Rover was launched in 1970, and came with an aluminum frame, and a V8 engine. The Leyland company became a nationally known in the 70s, and a decade later was sold to British Aerospace as the Rover Group.

The Rover brand came to the United States in 1987, with the introduction of the Range Rover. Two years later the Discovery debuted as the first completely new Land Rover in nearly twenty years.

During the 90s, the Rover brand lost some of its popularity due to the increase in the SUV market. In order to take back its corner of the market, the Rover brand added higher quality cabins with more luxurious detailing. BMW bought the brand in 1995.

Nearing the end of the 90s, the Land Rover brand introduced the compact Freelander. It offered the innovative Hill Descent Control technology which provided drivers with maximum handling on steep hills by automatically engaging the brake system to maintain control of vehicle speed.

The Ford company bought the Land Rover brand from BMW in 2000. Ford attempted to make the Land Rover automobiles more dependable. The endeavor was short lived as Ford was forced to sell the brand to Tata Motors in 2008 due to financial problems.

The Land Rover brand continues to hold a strong reputation for its premium SUVs. Its current model lineup includes the LR4, the Evoque and the Range Rover. The midsize, five passenger LR4 comes with a V8 engine, an automatic six speed transmission, a four wheel drive system, twin region air management, rear park sensory, leather upholstery, Bluetooth connectivity, and sunroofs in the front and rear. The Evoque gets a rear visibility camera, a sunroof with a panoramic view, comprehensive power components, park sensory, leather upholstery, touch command display and the exclusive Land Rover Terrain Response technology. The Range Rover offers either a standard or supercharged V8 engine, an automatic six speed transmission that has manual shift control technology.

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