Muffler Repair

At Joe’s Car and Truck Repair, your local Colorado Springs automotive repair center, we offer a wide range of muffler repair services. Our certified technicians are trained to perform muffler repair services on both domestic and foreign vehicles. We are proud of our work and ensure that your vehicle will be operating properly and safely before you leave our center.

The muffler in your vehicle is designed to reduce the amount of noise or pollutants that are emitted from the engine into the air. Located under your vehicle, the muffler is made up of a backbox and a tailpipe. The backbox takes in the sounds from the engine and bounces them inside its chambers. This collision of sound reduces any excess noise. From the backbox, the remaining noise and exhaust is emitted through the tailpipe.

The fact that your muffler is located under your vehicle, makes it difficult to visually inspect. Over time it can become rusted and begin to fall apart. It’s usually fairly simple to know when your muffler is malfunctioning and needs replacement. Loud noises are the most common sign of a poorly operating muffler. The noise is created from a crack or hole in the tailpipe. If your muffler is damaged, it not only creates noise pollution but air pollution as well. The crack in the pipe will allow dangerous fumes to escape into the open air.

Joe’s Car and Truck Repair provides a wide range of muffler services including exhaust replacement, installation and repair. Our certified technicians provide services on many types of exhausts including single, dual, axle back, split dual, muscle truck, and diesel systems. If your muffler needs replacement, you can be assured that we install only top quality muffler products.

We want you to enjoy a smooth riding experience. If your muffler is not working properly, bring it in to us. We’ll inspect your exhaust, diagnose any problems and repair any damaged parts. You’ll drive away knowing that your vehicle has been fixed right.

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