Transmission Services

There are many components that make up your transmission including the bell housing, gears, fluid, and filter. Your transmission shifts gears, and moves your vehicle at necessary speeds to get you from one place to another.

There two typical transmission problems that might occur. Either your vehicle won’t operate or it won’t operate smoothly. Both problems develop when there are issues within the transmission system.

Your transmission fluid could be low. You should check your transmission fluid every six months to ensure that the level is adequate. Low fluid levels can begin with problems with shifting and lead to extensive damage to your transmission. If your fluid level is lowering quickly, you may have a leak.

Your transmission hoses could have a leak. Check for visible leaks at the tube base, drain hole, between the engine and the transmission, at the selector shaft and radiator. If you see any excess fluid you probably have a leak that needs repair.

Your transmission filter could be clogged. The filter in your transmission is important to the system. You may need to have it replaced if it has become excessively dirty.

Having the correct level of transmission fluid is vital to the operation of your transmission. Transmission fluid performs three important jobs: it lubricates the parts in the transmission, it transmits power throughout your vehicle and it exchanges heat. Low fluid levels can will reduce the fluid’s ability to perform these jobs and in turn put your engine at risk of major damage.

If you think you have a transmission fluid leak, a clogged filter or any other problem with your transmission, bring your vehicle in to us right away. We’ll provide a free inspection of your system and find out where the leak is located. There are between nine and eleven areas where a leak can develop. We’ll determine the how serious the problem is and recommend any necessary repairs.

At Joe’s Car and Truck Repair our Transmission Services include an inspection of your system, a replacement of your fluid and filter, a diagnosis of any malfunctioning parts with a recommendation on repairs, and a complete repair by our expert technicians who use only top quality parts.